Saving Tips – Did You Know These?

The holiday season is approaching and hotels and hostels are starting to be full of travelers. However, comfortable holiday accommodation can be found beyond traditional hotels:

Airbnb is a popular accommodation service where users can offer their own accommodation to each other. Accommodation is available in 190 countries and over 34,000 cities. The service has up to 60 million users and up to 2 million accommodation options. The site is very popular as home accommodation is usually a much cheaper option than a hotel.

Airbnb offers accommodation options ranging from simple shared rooms to large luxury apartments.

New to the user? Get an invite to Airbnb

New to the user? Get an invite to Airbnb

If you have never been to Airbnb before, but your friend is, you can ask them to send you an invitation to Airbnb. You will receive a $ 25 discount on your first booking.

If you don’t know any Airbnb users, you can easily find invitations from other online users, such as Triphacker.

Invite your friends to join Airbnb and make money

Once you’ve signed up for an Airbnb website and made a reservation, you can invite your friends to join the service. You’ll always get $ 25 to spend on Airbnb when your friend joins and makes their first booking. You will receive an additional $ 70 if the friend you invite acts as a host through the service.

Tingi accommodation price

Tingi accommodation price

You should always check with your accommodation provider for a discount. So do not make a reservation directly, but first send a message to the host.

If you are traveling out of season or you are making a longer booking, you should definitely request a discount.

Find out the exact location of your accommodation

Find out the exact location of your accommodation

You will not see the exact address of your accommodation until you have made your reservation. Therefore, it is advisable to ask the landlord for a more specific location beforehand and find out how to get to the apartment.

If the accommodation is better than you thought, you may be wasting time and money traveling to the apartment.

Make sure you have travel insurance

Travel insurance is one of the most important traveler’s partners. For example, if you fall ill and have to cancel your trip, you can apply for travel insurance claims. In this case, travel insurance will also cover the cost of accommodation and you will not have to pay a service charge, such as Airbnb, which the company will not refund.

Did you know that some, such as airport and premium credit cards, include travel insurance? Travel insurance is included, for example, in several credit cards issued by Nordea and the Savings Bank.